G-Tube Care: Help manage your child’s feeding tube with TodBods large size bodysuits
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According to Cincinatti’s Children’s Hospital, "it is best not to allow your child to pull on the tube. One piece, snap T-shirt works best. Keep the tube secured beneath the child's clothing."

TodBods / Essential Whites are designed for premium comfort and longevity, meticulously crafted with plush 100% cotton, double-stitching and extra-durable fasteners. These ultra-soft bodysuits are available in long sleeve and short sleeve in two neck styles, round neck (like a t-shirt) and lap shoulder, plus sleeveless for year-round versatility. In sizes up to 6, these bodysuits are an indispensable resource.

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Read below to find out how other moms, dads, and caregivers have found our bodysuits have worked for them…

I ordered the onesies for my son who has a Gtube and a central line, let me tell you this is bar far the best thing ever. You should put your logo or info in the March of Dimes website. I used to worry about my son getting older and pulling his Gtube. But when I find your website it is a lifesaver. Your store will be added to my prayer list so that you thrive. Because I want other parents to experience the joy I felt when I opened the beautiful package and find these onesies. They are just so soft and can even be worn alone if needed. I actually get compliment on my son's onesies. Thank you for making these onesies available.
God Bless, .

I have a little girl that has a g-tube and onsies are the only thing that keeps her from scratching and pulling it out. Thanks sooo much. .

Hello, I have a 4-year-old son with special needs. He has a g-tube and he wears onsies in order to protect his g-tube from popping out. I am very grateful for your onsies they are beautiful and are of the highest quality. .
Warmly, .

Hi thank you. My daughter will be 4 and she still wears onesies only because my daughter has a feeding tube so I am in need of onesies so she doesn’t pull on it during the day. A friend had told me about this website so I am glad I had found it. Thank you! .

I appreciate your company for making onesies bigger than 24 months! My 3 yr old daughter has g-tube (feeding tube) in her stomach and needs a onesie type top to cover the tube. Other types of tops that don't snap at the bottom ride up above the g-tube which makes it difficult to keep it covered and protected when she's on her stomach especially. There are not many companies that make clothes suitable for special needs kids so these onesies make our lives so much easier! Thanks again. .

Yes, my family really likes your bodysuits for our 4 year old. He has a very serious medical issue that requires the need for a non-irritable body suit to help secure both a feeding tube and a permanent IV port. We have had a hard time both finding a suit his size and that does not irritate his sensitive skin. Your product meets both our requirements, and he loves them. My wife previous order several a few months back, but now that is getting hot outside he's requested some sleeveless versions, so we just ordered some more. Can't wait to get them. Thanks again. .

Hello, just wanted to let you know that we currently have your bodysuits and absolutely love them. What great quality! They were a gift to us in the past, and now we just needed to replenish our supply. Just a comment that you may already be aware of -- the bodysuits work great for kids with feeding tubes in their tummies. My little one is a former preemie born at 1 lb. 9 oz., and has had a lot of medical issues and hospitalizations which led to a feeding tube. The one-piece bodysuits are fabulous for keeping these tubes in place and tucked away. They are hard to find in the toddler sizes and I'm very thankful you carry the 4Ts! Thanks for a great product! .

I have been using your bodysuits for over a year now, my first order, I have both long and sleeveless ones. My daughter has a feeding tube in her tummy and these body suits keep her hands away from it. I love that she can wear one and have another shirt over it and still protect her G-tube. I love that your sizes go up to 5T and only hope that someday you could maybe make bigger ones that could keep her covered as she grows. I know many moms with special needs kids that would gladly pay for you product, they are soft and tough enough to last through the wear and tear (many washes) our kids put them through. Thanks so much for your quality and service. We will be ordering more. .

I wanted to let you know how happy I have been with your bodysuits. My son has special needs and has a G-tube. Your bodysuits are so soft and comfortable. I was so excited when you started offering size 5. .
Thank you, .

I am so excited that you are making the body suits in larger sizes. My little boy has learned how to get his feeding tube disconnected and he has outgrown his old ones. These body suits are so soft and very good quality. The old ones are still in perfect shape just a tad small. Thanks for such a good product. .

I have not received our order yet as I just ordered them tonight. But I can tell how much of a lifesaver they will be to our daughter and others. Our daughter has both medical and learning issues, and she was shaken by her birth mom at 6 weeks old. We adopted her last year and she is just a joy! She is now 4 years old, and doing many things no one believed she could do. Unfortunately, she also has figured out that she can pull out her feeding tube, the little stinker. We have tried abdominal binders, only for her to be able to move them. I am so happy to see the onsies in size 4t and 5t and have ordered the 4Ts. That will keep her from being able to get to her feeding tube. When the 5ts come in, I will order those as well. We obviously have to watch her closely still, but maybe we won't have to sit with her on our laps all day to keep her from pulling at her tube. I have also put your company on my Facebook for all of our friends who have medical kids with the same issues. Thank you so much!!! .

My son has CP, he also has a g-tube button on his tummy. He goes to OT and PT twice a week. They stretch him and put him on a big gym ball and on floor mats for his therapies. I have been looking for a onesie in a larger toddler size for a while. They will protect his tummy and keep him warmer during his therapy. So glad I found you!! .

I have a 3 year old with a new g-tube for feeding and he needs to wear a onsie to keep wandering hands away from it! I was pleased to find the sleeveless version - you seem to be the only company I could find with that option. Thanks! .

I just want to thank you so much for your product! I have a special needs child who is fed through a feeding tube into his stomach (G-J Tube). Onesies are the easiest way for us to keep his G-tube safe and covered, but now that he is 3 yrs old it has been impossible for us to find bodysuits in his size- I am so excited! I will refer you to any parent looking for one pieces. :) .

I was so happy to find this site. My granddaughter is almost 2 years old now, and a bodysuit is one of the most important things she wears. She is feed using a g-tube and so at all times she has a small tube running from her belly. We love to have the bodysuits on her under her shirts or dresses so it keeps the tube from being pulled by mistake. I was happy to find that you have the sizes for when she gets a little bigger. .

My daughter has a feeding tube in her stomach (G-tube). She is two years old and it is very hard to find "onesies" to cover up the tube (so that she doesn't pull on it or so that her pants don't rub it). We have looked all over town and all the major stores for larger (toddler size) onesies. Thank you for providing a quick, efficient way of ordering them! :) We appreciate your availability and service. .

I was so happy when I found this website. My son is special needs and putting him in bodysuits is one of those things that makes life easier. They especially come in handy at physical therapy and at school because it protects his feeding tube. Plus he's fed approximately 16.5 hours a day via tube feedings and bodysuits keep my son from pulling at his tube. Plus not having to pull down his shirt every time someone picks him up is nice too. He can't walk without the aid of a gait trainer and is picked up when he's transferred from one thing to another which is when a regular shirt would ride up to his armpits practically, but bodysuits stay put. I bought 4 of your 5T bodysuits because he's about to grow out of 4T bodysuits, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he has plenty of growing room. Today, I just purchased 12 more of the short-sleeved 5T bodysuits and in the next couple of months will purchase some of your sleeveless ones as well and later this year will purchase the long sleeved ones. .

I'm thrilled to find 5T onesies. I have a special needs 6-year-old daughter with a feeding tube and a onesie is the only clothing product that keeps the tube in place. .

My daughter has a feeding tube and is now in a size 4T. They simply don't make snap-crotch bodysuits in her size, but they are the best things for keeping her tube clean and protected. Your site is a Godsend. .

I absolutely love this product! I am the proud Mommy of a 3-year special needs angel. He has a feeding tube and it has been a huge challenge finding a onesie to fit him right, while protecting his g-tube. Anyway, thank goodness I found you guys! I've told all my son's therapists and all of my fellow mommies about Essential Whites! I'll definitely be back very soon for more! .
Thanks, Lisa

I would like to THANK YOU so very much for offering onesies in sizes 3T and higher! My son is special needs & has a G-Tube, so I need to have a onesie on him to prevent him from pulling with his button and possibly removing it. I was not successful in finding anything larger than 2T so far and even that is sometimes hard. I definitely saved your site to my favorites to have it handy for years to come! Thank you! .

I came to your site because I needed onsies for my disabled 3 yr old grandson I'm raising and who has a feeding tube. The surgeon wants him to wear onsies at all times and of course no store sells them in these sizes. You saved me so much stress and when I finally got them I couldn't believe the excellent quality. I've been using them now for two weeks and they are great. So soft and sturdy and as long as I follow the washing directions they will last for far longer than he will need them so I will pass them on. I tell everyone about your site now. And everyone I know who has a disabled child knows about your wonderful product now. Thank you for your product even though you didn't have disabled children in mind but they are great to protect my grandson's Mic-key (feeding tube). you should advertise this. Thank you so much and you will be getting many more orders from me in the next few days and as long as he fits in your cloths. .
Thank you. .
Sincerely. Debi and Zeus

My 3-year-old son is tube fed - it has been a daily challenge to keep his tube protected and close to his body. I've been searching everywhere for large sized onesies - THANK YOU for having such a great selection. It's a bright spot in our day. .

Thank you for making bodysuits for larger children. My son is disabled and we use them so he doesn't pull out his g-tube. Your website is a Godsend. Thank you so much for making one mom's life so much easier. .

These are really hard to find 3T onesies. My family has been searching everywhere for a month. We have a nephew who has been in the hospital for 10 weeks (hard to believe) and has a tube in his belly now and these will be indispensable/valuable so he doesn't get at it! Thanks, glad I ran across your site online! .

I am so happy to find bodysuits for older children. I have twins and use them all the time, especially since one of my daughters has a G tube that needs to be covered. The 4th one free and the free ground shipping when you spend a certain amount are great too! .

Thank you for selling the larger sizes of bodysuits (4T). I have a special needs 3 1/2 year old that has a g-tube (feeding tube) in her stomach and we like to cover it when we dress her. The only type of clothing that covers it completely is a bodysuit type of clothing. Please continue to sell the larger sizes (4t and 5t). Thank you! No other company sells them that I've found. .

Reference: http://www.cincinnatichildrens.org/health/info/abdomen/home/g-tube-care.htm

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